dog rock lee??

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maybe an npc for the game for class?

28 Jan 14 at 12 am

some gross cards from a game i made in my intro to gaming class
(forget flavor text ain’t nobody got time for that)

they look better up close!

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17 Jan 14 at 2 pm


yaaaz painting shirts! I didn’t paint the reflector because we didn’t have green paint and will did arstotzka’s symbol from papers please

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07 Dec 13 at 1 am

Perhaps one day,

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Perhaps one day,
21 Nov 13 at 4 pm
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19 Nov 13 at 9 pm

petey’s my favorite character now??

petey’s my favorite character now??
19 Nov 13 at 12 am

oh peedee!

oh peedee!